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Aim High and Energize Japan!

<Advance to a Global Company>

Established in 1932, we started production and distribution of razor blades. Since then, we have entered into various fields from shaving and grooming goods to professional barber and beauty products, medical products such as surgical blades and industrial products with technology and development capabilities centering on ultra-precision metal processing. Now, we have become a leading blade manufacturer in Japan and grown to a global company which exports to more than 120 countries, earning trusts for “the highest quality by Feather”.

<Made in Japan by FEATHER>

All of our products are manufactured in our own factories in Japan by local employees in order to provide customers with the highest quality and satisfaction.

<Timeless rather than Trendy>

We aim for making products which continue to be trusted and favored throughout the ages, rather than following trends. Furthermore, we continually improve our products.


We aim for contributing to well-being and beauty to make people’s life full of smile. To achieve this goal, we set our aim high and strive to be a company which has dream, hope and pride.